NEITZ Surgical Loupes



Cultivated Technology in the Ophthalmology Supports Other Medical Fields

NEITZ binocular loupes are products formed from the input of doctors worldwide and are based on the accumulation of optical technology that spans over 50 years. Our binocular loupes have received support from doctors in various clinical fields as loupes with a high degree of perfection in all aspects such as operability, compact size, and light weight. As a result, it is currently a preferred product in over 70 countries.

Achieving the Best Balance for a Compact and Lightweight Product

For this loupe, we have thoroughly pursued the best balance of magnification, visual field diameter, resolution, and aberration to achieve a compact and lightweight product. With our loupes, the visual field is bright, 3D images can be easily obtained, and the focus can be easily adjusted to match the working distance required for the physician.

Compact LED Illumination to Achieve Higher Performance

Compact LED illumination can be used in combination with the binocular loupe. It not only increases the added value of the binocular loupe with its clear and sharp light but also demonstrates performance that sufficiently supports medical examinations and treatment even when used on its own.


[ezcol_1fifth] NEITZ Galilean type Binocular Loupes

BLS-1 red [click to enlarge][/ezcol_1fifth]


    • The Galilean-type loupe is light and easy-to-use and possesses superior versatility.
    • Suitable for surgery performed under low to mid-level magnification.
    • The visual field is bright and can easily obtain 3D images.
    • Features superior operability, almost eliminating the need for “experience” when using the loupe.
    • Easy, individual adjustment of the pupil distance (47 – 74 mm)
    • Adjustable working distance.


    It is constructed using two lenses: objective and ocular. Because of its simple structure, it is light and easy-to-handle, but aberrations do occur around the periphery of the view.


  • Specifications
    Model BLS-1 BLS-2 BLS-3 BLD-3
    img_bls1 img_bls1 img_bls1 img_bls1
    Magnification x times 1.5 – 2.0 2.0 – 2.5 2.5 – 3.0 2.5 – 3.0
    Working Distance mm 550 – 350 550 – 350 550 – 350 350 – 250
    Field of View mm 145 – 120 113 – 58 78 – 38 80 – 50

  • Mounting Options and Weights
    Loupe Beta Titanium Frame Headband
    BLS-1 83g N/A
    BLS-2 88g N/A
    BLS-3 82g N/A
    BLD-3 77g N/A


[ezcol_1fifth] NEITZ Prismatic type Binocular Loupes BLP-6gold [click to enlarge] [/ezcol_1fifth]


    • The prismatic type (Keplerian type) loupe possesses high magnification, allowing a clear view of the peripheral areas.
    • Suitable for surgery performed under high magnification.
    • Features a wide range of focus, which minimizes eye strain.
    • Adjustable observation distance.
    • Easy, individual adjustment of the pupil distance (47 – 74 mm)
    • Can acquire clear images with few aberrations.


    This loupe is constructed using an objective lens, a prism, and an ocular lens. prismatic

  • Specifications
    Model BLP-4 BLP-6
    img_blp4 img_blp6
    Magnification x times 4.0 – 4.5 5.5 – 6.0
    Working Distance mm 550 – 350 550 – 350
    Field of View mm 80 – 50 40 – 25

  • Mounting Options and Weights
    Model Beta Titanium Frame Headband
    BLP-4 100g N/A
    BLP-6 103g N/A


[ezcol_1fifth] NEITZ Plate Loupes

plate_w_spot [click to enlarge][/ezcol_1fifth]


    • For treatment that does not require high magnification, a simple lightweight plate loupe is recommended.
    • Though it has lower magnification in comparison to the tube-shaped loupes, adjusting the interpupillary distance or focus is not required. The visual field is extremely wide, resulting in a nearly aberration-free experience.
    • With the 1.7× and 2× loupe sets, these loupes can be further used for different purposes based on the situation.
    • The loupe has been machined into U-shape so that light can be emitted from the visual axis height. This makes the appearance of shadows difficult in the deep recessed areas of the ear, nose, and mouth, thus enabling the observation of the deep areas.

  • Specifications
    Model PL-2
    Magnification x times 1.7 – 2.0
    Working Distance mm 100 – 330
    Field of View mm N/A

  • Mounting Options and Weights
    Model Beta Titanium Frame Headband
    PL-2 160g (including light) 250g (including light)
    PL_2 with beta frame 1000w" sizes="(max-width: 300px) 100vw 300px" /> Plate loupe PL-2 with Headband