About us

Cyan Medica is the result of the vision of a group of professionals with more than 20 years of experience in the medical devices market in Mexico with a highly efficient and experienced marketing and sales team dedicated to provide high technology and quality service highly differentiated with focus in the Ophthalmic market with emphasis in the Retinal disorders. Cyan Medica was established in Mexico as a sales, marketing and distribution partner, offering extensive knowledge, experience, relationships and proven success across the Ophthalmic Medical Device Mexican Market. Cyan Medica is different because it focuses its expertise in niche and specialist areas within ophthalmology. This approach to business ensures that we are focused on what is key to the ophthalmology community, but also to our manufacturing partners, ultimately maximizing results to the most important element in the mix – the end patient. Our Mission Provide quality medical services through supply of high technology for the preservation and improvement of eye health to the patient, offering better quality of life. Our Vision Be a leading distributor of medical high end technology, focusing on the preservation and improvement of eye health. Company Values

PASION: Adventurer, embrace , motivates constant changes & Creative.

QUALITY: Ensure the supply of high quality products and servicea and coexist with the “Unique Customer” concept.

PEOPLE: Team building, longer relations,  open communication & evolutionary culture; people are the most important asset of the company. Seeks to learn and grow.

TRUST: Compromise,Discipline,Humble and Integrity.

EFFECTIVENES:  Excellence in Execution.